John Janning next to his stone in "Walk-of-Fame".

In Dayton's historic "Walk-of-Fame", 83 are honored including: Wilbur & Orville Wright (airplane); Charles F. Kettering (self-starter, fast dry paint, etc.); Ermal Fraze (Pop-top can); William Lear (Learjet); Milton Caniff (Comic artist - Terry & the Pirates, etc); Hans Von Ohain (Jet engine); Jonathan Winters (actor); Thomas Midgely (leaded gasoline, Freon); Loren M. Berry (Yellow pages); Martin Sheen (actor, playwright), etc. John is honored to be included with such talent.

On November 7, 2008, John was enshrined into the International Engineers and Scientists Hall of Fame. Of the 50 Enshrinees since 1982, nine have been awarded the Nobel Prize. This is a huge honor bestowed on John. Earlier, in June 2008, John received the First Annual Joseph Desch Award. Mr. Desch is credited in helping crack the German code in early 1942 - after the Germans sunk 216 of our ships off the east coast in the first three months of 1942.

JLJ, Inc. is an invent-for-hire company founded in 1989 to assist companies in developing new products or finding solutions to existing problems. President & Chief Scientist is John L. Janning, holder of 72 U.S. patents + numerous pending plus over 250 worldwide. John is also a motivational speaker on the subject of creativity and imagination. John is the inventor of the liquid crystal molecular alignment invention which perfected the liquid crystal display and made possible the large scale manufacturing of LCD's back in the early 70's. (See the article on "Liquid Crystals" in the Spring 2002 issue of Invention & Technology magazine - published by Forbes). He is also the inventor of the thermal printing wafer - used in all thermal printers around the world today and at most all retail store checkouts. He holds a number of patents in plasma display technology.

John is listed in Who's Who in the World; Who's Who in America; Who's Who in Science and Engineering and Who's Who in the Midwest. One of his latest inventions is the Stay-lit® Christmas light string. This product is being sold in some of the largest retail chains in the country. They were previously available in Canada, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Stay-lit ® Christmas Lights and Pre-Lighted Trees - "STAY LIT - ALWAYS!"


 Never worry about an entire strand of lights going out again or having to climb up a ladder to find that one bulb that is causing the entire strand of lights to go out!

 A hundred years from now, a Stay-lit® Christmas light string will never have gone out. Yes, individual bulbs may burn out from time to time but the string will never go out - (unless, of course, you cut the wire or a fuse blows!). The reason for this is that inside of every light socket there is a tiny thermistor microchip that acts as a 'silent sentry' to keep the light string operating. When all bulbs in the string are operating properly, the chip does nothing. However, as soon as something happens to a bulb - whether it gets broken; becomes loose in the socket; falls from the socket; burns out or whatever - the chip takes over and acts as if it were a bulb to keep the rest of the string operating properly. It even acts as a kind of  "surge protector" to protect the bulbs from power surges caused by other bulbs in the string burning out.

 Because of the Patented Stay-lit® Technology, the lights last longer than a regular light string, making your Holiday Display better than ever.

 You can also create a beautiful "Twinkling Effect" by inserting several 'flasher' type bulbs in a Stay-lit® light string. When a "flasher bulb" is placed in the socket of an ordinary light string, the entire light string flashes off and on. When placed in a Stay-Lit® light string, just that bulb flashes off and on. Place several flasher bulbs in a string for a very pleasing random twinkle effect. Stay-lit® Pre-Lighted trees even come with the "Twinkling Effect" already built in.

 Stay-lit® light strings and Pre-Lighted Artificial trees are sold in major retail stores. Beware of knock-offs with similar meaning names - they do NOT do what Stay-lit® light strings do. The Stay-lit® secret is in the socket - not in the bulb. You don't have to buy special bulbs. For bulb replacement, use standard bulbs.

 Sylvania® Stay-lit® incorporates new high technology circuitry requiring the use of standard bulbs found in other 50 or 100 light strings. Replacement bulbs for these strings can be found in standard low cost non-Stay-lit® light strings.

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